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Fees & Expenses:       

Virginia Ancestry offers a two-tier rate structure with a minimum of 15 hours. Priority is $115 with a typical start time of three to five weeks Standard is $95 per hour with an estimated start time of eight to ten weeks. Please email for availability. A retainer of 50% of the requested hours of research is due before research begins. In general, travel time and expenses to D.C., Richmond and Northern Virginia repositories are not charged. Please see Research Guidelines. If the project takes less than the minimun or less than the authorized hours, only the time incurred will be billed.

Genealogical Research Contract


I would like to retain the services of Victor S. Dunn at the _____________ rate (choose priorty at $115 per hour,standard at $95). I agree to pay a retainer in the amount of $______ before research begins. He will conduct research on my behalf, for an amount not to exceed $_______, as per my instructions (state briefly):






I, _____________________, have provided to said Victor S. Dunn all pertinent information on the subject to be researched.

Victor S. Dunn agrees to provide a detailed report, covering all sources checked during the research, with analysis, and an accounting of time consumed and expenses incurred. The report will be mailed to the person whose name and address appear below.

The research will be charged as follows:

  •  Research time including planning, analysis of previous research and report.
  • Cost of microfilm rental, computer printer and photocopies, library fees, postage and parking.

    Signature of client: ________________________________________

Client Name __________________________

Street Address ________________________

City, State & Zip_______________________

Phone # ______________________________

e-mail address __________________________

Date _____________________

[Signature by client denotes acceptance of conditions.]

Client: please sign one copy and return; retain second copy.

Mail to:    Victor Dunn

                43540 Clivedon Court

                Ashburn, VA 20147-4540